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Why Choose a Collie from a Breeder?

A Collie Breeder is, first of all, concerned with the health and happiness of their own dogs and the offspring they produce. A breeder does not have anything to do with a puppy mill, and does not sell to pet stores. A Collie Breeder will belong to a recognized Collie Club (like Collie Club of Western Pennsylvania, for example) and has detailed knowledge of the breed and will be happy to share with you the breed's qualities to help you determine if the Collie is right for you. Although Collies are very good-tempered and intelligent, Collies have many other traits as well. So just like any other breed of dog, Collies are not the right breed for everyone and anyone, and a good breeder would not tell you otherwise. Additionally, a Collie Breeder is not only aware of current and future trends, but a good breeder will also be aware of the history and lineage of each individual dog that they have, and will be aware of any potential problems in breeding into another line. We at Heatherfield Collies will be an asset to you in providing information about the breed as well as giving you pointers on showing, breeding and even training in the future.